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  • President on the introduction of the visa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine: Farewell, unwashed Russia, land of slaves, land of lords.

    06:44 12 June 2017

    The Head of State noted that Ukrainians came together today to perform a true “ode to joy” on the occasion of receiving a true legal right and opportunity to travel to the EU without visas.

    “A wonderful summer is around us, but it feels like amazing New Year’s eve. Less than four hours remain until the moment when the clock will strike twelve and the long-awaited visa-free regime for Ukrainians will be introduced,” he said.

    The President emphasized that it is much more than just the beginning of a new year. “We, Ukrainian people and the whole Ukraine, enter new historic era. And this event symbolizes the final break of our state with the Russian Empire and the break of the Ukrainian democratic world with the Russian authoritarian world,” he said.

    The Head of State quoted Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov: “Farewell, unwashed Russia, land of slaves, land of lords. And you, blue uniforms, and you, folks obedient to them”. He addressed Russians who find enough courage to condemn Russian aggression against Ukraine in conditions of rigid imperial dictatorship, demand democratic rights and freedoms.

    The President emphasized that our final and irreversible break with Moscow will take place on the eve of June 12, the main state holiday of Russia - the day of proclamation of its sovereignty. “And it is pretty symbolic by the way. We are finally independent from one another - in political, economic, gas, energy and even spiritual spheres. We are free from their “bonds”,” the Head of State stressed.

    “The only thing that is frustrating is an extremely high price, a bloody bill set by the Kremlin for our most natural right to build our live ourselves,” he emphasized.

    “We came together on the European Square in the center of our ancient capital. Inhaling the aromas of flowers and greenery in which Kyiv is literally drowning these days, all of us feel the taste of freedom - freedom that we have never known before,” Petro Poroshenko said.

    The Head of State noted that he knows what he is talking about. “I belong to the generation that had to obtain an exit visa to travel abroad. Yes, some of you might have already forgotten and some of you hear this for the first time: before submitting documents to the foreign country, you had to ask for special permission from the Soviet Union,” he added.

    “And we should appreciate our freedom. That is why I would like to address the youth - appreciate this freedom. Especially as it is now guarded with weapons in hands by the best of us, Ukrainians,” the President emphasized.


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