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  • Premiere: Abel Kyureghyan- “My Little Girl”

    16:49 6 Mar 2021

    Musician, song writer and instrumentalist Abel Kyureghyan has released a new music video on his song “My Little Girl”. The composition, which tells a story about family relationship and the love between a father and a daughter, is written by Armen Badalyan and arranged by Abel Kyureghyan. The wonderful story behind the music video was filmed by Vahe Terteryan. According to Abel Kyureghyan, it was very difficult for him to return to everyday working routine, because the life had stopped for the Armenians after the war, and this is the time when everybody tries to recover by working and returning to life. He explains the choice for “My Little Girl” as a means of expressing that recovery- a baby girl, a new start, consolation, positive thinking, which, he thinks, are something necessary for everyone. Abel Kyuregyan has started his musical career at a very young age studying at Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas. He is widely known due to his duet “Why”. Since 2015 he is a member of State National Academic Choir of Armenia. In 2015 he has performed as a soloist during a concert at St. Yeghishe Armenian Apostolic Church in London- presenting Armenian church music and the works of Armenian modern composers. In 2016 he was invited by the Prime Minister of Lebanon and the Catholicos Aram I of Great House of Cilicia, to perform in "Carmina Burana" concert program by Carl Orff. They have also collaborated with the world famous British composer Karl Jenkins performing his symphonic ‘Adiemus’. Over the years he has participated in many concerts, festivals, a lot of times-as a jury member. In near future he will release his new composition, which is a love story. The song, which is in Russian, is composed by Abel Kyureghyan. For this song he has also collaborated with his 14 years old son, Hamlet, who has written the beautiful lyrics in Russian.


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