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  • Major philanthropists of 2013

    11:30 19 December 2013

    Many associate the concept of charity with the elections, when this or that political force carries out charity programs to gain dividends. However, there are real philanthropists in Armenia. They really want to make better conditions for our country and citizens. Slaq.am introduces top 5 philanthropists of Armenia.

    Samvel Karapetyan – President of “Tashir” companies group Samvel Karapetyan has carried out more than 100 mln USD charity programs during these years both in Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk. This year Samvel Karapetyan made 30 mln USD investment 22 mln USD out of which was provided for building a hospital in Martouni. Samvel Karapetyan transferred 2 mln USD to the “All Armenian Fund”. “Tashir” charity fund also carries out projects to support students and to provide finance for the science.

    Ralph Yirikyan – Executive Director of “VivaCell – MTS” Ralph Yirikyan has carried out major charity projects during these years. Even though there are opinions that the projects aren’t carried out by his own means, but the fact that he carries out an active charity lobbing proves that Yirikyan really thinks about the citizens of Armenia. In 2013 “Vivacell” carried out 10 mln USD charity programs.

    Gagik Tsarukyan – Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan is also known for his charity programs. According to our information, he has carried out more than 2 mln USD charity programs.

    Vardanyan Family – The Vardanyans are also known for different charity programs. They especially support the residents of Tavush marz. They make huge investments for gas and water supply, etc.

    Samvel Alexanyan – MP Samvel Alexanyan supports the residents of Malatia Sebastia administrative district. Particularly, the residents of the district have an opportunity to get free medical aid at “Malatia” medical centre that belongs to Alexanyan. Alexanyan also supports students. This year Alexanyan carried out 1 mln USD contribution. He transferred 200,000 USD to the “All Armenian Fund”.



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