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  • How much money does Nikol Pashinyan make?

    09:54 17 Mar 2014

    To be an oppositionist doesn’t mean to live a modest life and to rely on the parliamentary salary. It turns out that MP Nikol Pashinyan today makes more money than for example any Republican MP. To make sure, here is a simple calculation. As we know “Haykakan Zhamanak” daily belongs to Nikol Pashinyan. The daily has a circulation of 6000 copies per day, for 5 days per week and costs 100 AMD.

    6000 x 100 x 5 x 4=12.000 000 mln AMD

    Thus, Nikol Pashinyan makes 30,000 USD per month. Many newspapers also carry out political and economic orders presenting this or that person or event from negative or positive points of view and get money for it.

    By the way, if we take into account the fact that the public loves criticism and the oppositional criticism is demanded, his newspaper works in that direction. Nikol always says and demands that there shouldn’t be businessmen in the Parliament, but he is also a businessman. He tries to play opposition pulling wool over people’s eyes.

    What’s the difference between making money by selling newspaper and making money by selling beer? Nikol Pashinyan says that his wife manages his business and at the same time he criticises Samvel Alexanyan who also says that his wife manages his business. It turns out that Nikol Pashinyan is an ordinary businessman, who sells newspaper and makes money in that way.

    P.S. Many other businessmen, who make even less money than Nikol, carry out charity programs. Nikol has never carried out such an initiative.



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