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  • Albert Boyadjian: I love to make others feel energetic

    08:15 30 Jan 2016

    Famous musician and dancer of Armenian origin Albert Boyadjian lives in Lebanon. He was born in the family of artists. In 2000 Albert performed in Armenia with the theater group "Areg". Slaq.am conducted an interview with Albert Boyadjian to find out his upcoming projects and the success he has achieved.

    - We know that You have been dancing and singing since childhood. Which of these two activities is closer to You?

    I always consider singing and dancing as a single activity that completes art. Think of it like breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. Together they complete me and I enjoy having both in my acts, and believe it makes my acts truly artistic and energetic.

    - Which is the greatest achievement in Your life? What or who is the inspiration when You start new projects?

    My achievement and success is in doing what I love. I love to dance, I love to sing, I love to make others feel energetic and it energizes me more. I always have to thank my parents who pushed me to the world of music, and who didn’t insist I go the usual way of education that is school, Uni… They allowed me to express my feelings and enjoy music.

    - Would You like to have a project in Armenia. If yes, what kind of project would it be?

    Since I’ve been teaching in Star Academy of Lebanon, I would hope that Armenia as well would work on having a similar program to build young talents who can master different arts in music and not only vocal. The ability to smoothly mix instruments, dancing, and singing together is an art and should be mastered before showing it to the public.

    - What kind of activities do You carry out now?

    Currently, I am working on making my projects shine further, rather than mass producing projects. I want to make sure what I have is perfect. Then, I have ideas that I am sure my fans and followers will be impressed.

    - What plans for future do You have?

    My previous projects and their shine have reached USA. My future projects will be heading there. It is a great opportunity for my USA based fans to get an opportunity and enjoy my shows. Everything will be revealed soon, so just patience, and keep following me my dearest fans, I am so grateful for your support.


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